the boat


In the harbor (still with the old name)

Ahora is a Laurin Koster 32, drawn by Arvid Laurin. This type is one of the first fiberglass boats that came on the market. She was build in Sweden by Malm√∂ Flygindustri in 1965 as build number 89. In the mid-60s, the properties of the new composite material were not well understood yet, so everything was build much stronger than it would be today. This is probably one of the reason why most of the 234 boats of this type are still around after 50 years. (And also for the heavy weight of the hull…) The design is famous for its behavior in rough conditions and the Laurin 32 has the reputation of being one of the few truly seaworthy boat types below 10 meter.


The cosy cabin

Ahora’s interior was build by an unknown carpenter in Hamburg. I bought her in August 2016 after her previous owner had taken care of her for almost 30 years. Unfortunately not much is know about her life between 1965 and 1988.

A great resource for information about the Laurin 32 and other boats build according to the „Koster Rule“ is